Dave and Scar
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Chapter One Hundred Twenty

Dave’s POV

“Who is this chick?” Taylor says, mouthful of hot dog.

You shrug and jingle your keys in your pocket. “I don’t know. I forgot to ask.”

“I hope she’s hot.” Taylor laughs and stuffs his face with the rest of the hot dog and stands up. Brushing the crumbs of his shorts he starts to walk back to the studio that was across the street from the hot dog stand.

You leave the picnic table that you have been having lunch at almost every day since you started recording. You don’t know why you decided to have lunch with Taylor though, he just annoyed.

You let him walk ten paces ahead of you, leaving you time to gather your thoughts on this new person that would suddenly be ‘joining’ the band. That’s technically what she was going to do; she was there to help you guys write, to help with vocals. You weren’t too sure on it.

Taylor pushes open the doors to the studio and impatiently taps his fingers against his jeans as he asks the secretary what room Adam was in.

She points down the hall, and you follow Taylor close behind. As soon as you get closer, you can faintly hear singing coming through the doors.

You furrow your eyebrows. You’ve heard that voice before. It almost sounded like Scarlett but it was too clean? There wasn’t a rough edge.

Not wanting to disturb her performance, you lean against the wall opposite the door. You watch Taylor as he peers into the room. He gives a low whistle and turns back around with a grin on his face. “She is hot.”

You just shake your head and roll your eyes. “You think everyone is hot.”

“Naw, man.” He says, and gives another look. This time longer. “Wait.” He says.

He turns back around and faces you. “I totally know her.”

Great. You think immediately, Taylor’s fucked this girl.

“I think I met her when I was just a teenager…” He says, trying to remember.

This caught you by surprise. “She’s from Laguna?”

Taylor shakes his hand at you. “No.” He thinks some more, and then looks at you. “Holy shit.”

“What?” You say.

He starts to smile, “Why don’t we go in there?”

You raise an eyebrow and shrug. You didn’t want to disturb the girl, but you also wanted to see who she was, you also wanted to hear her voice more clearly. It was really pretty.

Taylor beckons you over with his finger and gently pushes the door open, letting her voice and the sounds of the guitar engulf you.

Taylor stands in front of you in the doorway until you push past him quietly, desperate to see this girl.

And as soon as you lay eyes on her, you realize that it’s Scarlett.

She was older, maybe with a few lines on her face, but she still looked like Scar. She was still beautiful, she still had long black hair that framed her face in a way that drew you into her blue eyes. She was concentrating hard on the song, and she looked nervous. But she was still amazing, she was still perfect.

You can’t do anything but stare at her. You never thought you’d see her again. Especially after she quit the industry. All you want to do is take her in, and let her voice surround you.

Maybe you even want to hold her in your arms.

She takes a final breath and draws out the last note. Her fingers shake as she loosens her grip on the guitar. She still has her eyes shut, as if she was savoring it.

“That was great!” Adam beams from beside you. He notices you staring and pokes your arm.

You know you have to say something, anything to make her look at you. Because you know that when she does she’ll want what you want. She would have to want you.

“Yeah, really great.” You breathe out and watch as she looks up, and looks at you.

Her eyes widen, and her guitar slips from her lap and makes a crash onto the floor. But she doesn’t move, she can’t take her eyes off of you.

Started writing next chapter. Itll be in dave’s POV starting just before he sees scar

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He’s cominggg

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