Dave and Scar
I am so addicted to your fanfiction just read 123 chapters in 2 days!!!!!! Just have to say I'm in love with you're brain your a genius best fan fiction!!!! I have so much love for you 💚

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Haha yeah but just one chapter, i dont know if im completely picking up again.

Chapter One Hundred Twenty Three
Name Your Top Three Nirvana Songs.

You know you’re right
Rape me
Pennyroyal tea/ sliver/ frances farmer…

I'm a new reader and I have to tell you I've already read 30 chapters and I started reading yesterday this is my favorite fan fic in the world your a brilliant writer! I can not stress enough my love for your brain and the fan fiction! SO MUCH LOVE

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:(( but it was soo good

I know. Im so sorry i just dong know how to write this anymore. Maybe ill pick up again but im just not feeling it right now.

Im new here. I just found your fan fic a couple days ago and ive read it in like a week. I absolutely love it!! Dont give up on writing it,and also take your time updating your followers support you 💕

Oh thanks…i know i have given up a bit. I dont really know about this anymore.

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