Dave and Scar
Omg my summer just got 10x better

Haha yay

yay! you are back and in style! Just don't finish the story too quickly now, please... :-)

Yeah i am! Ill try not too, i want to make this good.

You're back...yay!!

Haha yup

Chapter One Hundred Twenty Two

ITS BEEN SO LONG!!!! i am so sorry guys. also this is just a filler chapter, and it’s not that great but I needed to write this out since its been forever. Summer has started and I’m still busy but I’m going to try to at least finish this story for you. 

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I miss Dave and Scar so much :(

Fuck. Im having trouble writing after so long…

Don`t forget about us, your faithful readers... :-)

I know!!! I love you guys. But im graduating in like 2 days. So next week..expect an update. Next week for SURE.


Im sorry :(

Awesome story! Can't wait for more!

Thank you! I cant believe how long i havent wrote for. I really hope i have an update for you guys soon

I MISS YOU 😘☺️❤️

I KNOW I AM SO SORRY!! grad stuff is almost over with, i might even have an update for you guys by next weekend :)

I'll take your word for it - that you'll pick this up again in the summer :-)

i promiseeee ill update as soon as i catch up on homework and after prom is over which is in a week