Dave and Scar
Name Your Top Three Nirvana Songs.

You know you’re right
Rape me
Pennyroyal tea/ sliver/ frances farmer…

I'm a new reader and I have to tell you I've already read 30 chapters and I started reading yesterday this is my favorite fan fic in the world your a brilliant writer! I can not stress enough my love for your brain and the fan fiction! SO MUCH LOVE

Aww thank you :)

:(( but it was soo good

I know. Im so sorry i just dong know how to write this anymore. Maybe ill pick up again but im just not feeling it right now.

Im new here. I just found your fan fic a couple days ago and ive read it in like a week. I absolutely love it!! Dont give up on writing it,and also take your time updating your followers support you ๐Ÿ’•

Oh thanks…i know i have given up a bit. I dont really know about this anymore.

Where'd ya go :(

Fuck sorry ive been meaning to update

Omg my summer just got 10x better

Haha yay

yay! you are back and in style! Just don't finish the story too quickly now, please... :-)

Yeah i am! Ill try not too, i want to make this good.

You're back...yay!!

Haha yup

Chapter One Hundred Twenty Two

ITS BEEN SO LONG!!!! i am so sorry guys. also this is just a filler chapter, and itโ€™s not that great but I needed to write this out since its been forever. Summer has started and Iโ€™m still busy but Iโ€™m going to try to at least finish this story for you.ย 

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I miss Dave and Scar so much :(

Fuck. Im having trouble writing after so long…